Our Team

Cody Schwass

Cody Schwass

Dog Care Specialist

I am Cody, one of the day-care attendants for Pampered Puppies. I have lived in Wellesley since starting high school, and was a volunteer at the Northeastern Animal Shelter throughout college. For the last year I have been working for a pet supply store, while learning about nutrition and the physical needs of our furry friends. I also have plans to become a certified dog trainer in the near future. When Pampered Puppies came to town, I loved having the opportunity again to work in such a gratifying field. This team of like-minded professionals truly cares for each dog and their owners.


My work philosophy

My top priorities are creating a safe environment, the comfort and enjoyment of all dogs under my care, and the introduction of mental stimulation to promote a positive mentality and maintain good behavior among the group. I look forward to meeting you and your dogs.