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159 Linden Street, Wellesley MA, 02482 -- info@ppups.com -- (781) 772-1316

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Boarding Services

We offer Boarding Services to clients that use our Daycare Services. Since dogs that board with us will spend their days in daycare with other "day" dogs, we must know that they can handle the group environment and the mix of dogs visiting on different days of the week. Therefore, for new clients to become eligible to board with us, your puppy must have visited our daycare, without incident, at least three (3) full-days within two weeks of the start of your planned stay.

Owners are requested to provide their dog's food with instructions, apportioned into ziplock bags with their name written on each bag with permanent ink. All dogs will be separated (unless from the same family) when they are fed. We will provide sanitized bowls for all feedings.

Dogs that board with us must be crate trained. They will sleep in crates for up to 8 hours each night. Owners can provide a favorite blanket, toy, and/or an article of clothing to add a familiar scent from home to the crate at bedtime. Small beds can also be provided, but are not necessary. We will provide clean beds for each crate. Upon request, small dogs from the same family can stay together in the same crate.

Dogs staying with us will not be left unattended. Our facility is staffed overnight. We also have multiple security cameras, monitoring movement and sound inside and outside the premises.

Lastly, all dogs that stay with us will receive a written report card that will be added to your Pampered Puppies online account upon check out.


Rate: $100 per night    
Additional Fees:      
   Drop-off Mon - Thu 8am - 6pm $0
  Fri - Sat 8am - 5pm $0
   Pick-up Mon - Sat 8am - 10am $0
  Mon - Sat 10am - 1230pm $35
  Mon - Sat 130pm - Close $50
Note: We are closed for drop-off or pick-up on Sundays and Holidays.
Overnight Discounts   2nd Dog (same family) 10% discount
    14+ Day Stay 20% discount

Optional Add-Ons

  Dispensing Medication $5 per dosage