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159 Linden Street, Wellesley MA, 02482 -- info@ppups.com -- (781) 772-1316

Dog Daycare

Doggie Daycare




Daycare Services

We offer morning, afternoon, and full-day Daycare Services. This can be a great way to socialize your puppy. We have two large playrooms where dogs are separated based on size and temperament. Each room is assigned an attendant that monitors behavior, facilitates play and promptly cleans up messes. From 9a-5p (Monday-Saturday), each room also has a WebCam accessible from our website with a username and password.

Dogs that visit us must be crate trained. Inappropriate behavior can warrant escalating periods of "time-out" to reduce energy levels and change the dog's focus. These "time-outs" include being put on a leash or being separated and confined in a crate. Multiple time-outs and other aggressive behavior will cause a dog to be dismissed. Dismissal will be temporary or permanent at Pampered Puppies management's discretion.

Daycare Hours:

Monday – Thursday, 800am – 600pm
Friday – Saturday, 800am – 500pm
  Full-day $50
  Half-day (morning OR afternoon) $35
Discount Packages    
  5 Full OR Half-days
   (expires: 21 days after purchase)
5% discount
  10 Full OR Half-days
   (expires: 45 days after purchase)
10% discount
  20 Full OR Half-days
   (expires: 90 days after purchase)
15% discount
  40 Full OR Half-days
   (expires: 180 days after purchase)
20% discount

"Morning" is between the hours of 8:00am and 12:30pm.
"Afternoon" is between the hours of 1:30pm and 5:00/6:00pm.

Half-days can be upgraded to a Full-day for $15.