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Doggie Design Highline Fleece Coat: Pink & Brown

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The step-in Highline Fleece coats are simply perfect and perfectly simple. Designed with ease in mind for both human and canine, after slipping the front paws through the coat, attach the touch fastener tabs at the top and you’re ready for the park. Made from a thick 280g fleece, these coats will keep every pup comfy and warm this fall and winter. The touch fastener tab design across the back makes it easy to adjust fit and attach a leash to a harness underneath. The Highline Fleece coats are available in multiple color combinations and come in sizes that fit every breed.

Size 8 - Length: 8", Chest: 12.5"
Size 10 - Length: 10", Chest: 15"
Size 12 - Length: 13", Chest: 17"
Size 12LC - Length: 13", Chest: 21"
Size 14 - Length: 15", Chest: 20"
Size 14LC - Length: 15", Chest: 24"
Size 16 - Length: 17", Chest: 22"
Size 16LC - Length: 17", Chest: 25"

Other sizes available to order.
LC: "Large Chest"